Vikings:War of Clans

How to get Silver in the Vikings game

Silver is a valuable resource that you need in order to train warriors, learn Knowledge, construct buildings, and perform other actions.

In Vikings: War of Clans, Silver can be obtained by either military or peaceful means (or both!). It is up to each Viking individually to decide which method they prefer.

Vikings: War of Clans how to get silver

Military methods

To collect Silver, send your troops to the following resource locations:

  • Silver Altars, which you can find all over a Kingdom
  • Invaders’ or Uber Invaders’ Lairs, which appear on the Global Map after an Invader, Uber Invader, or Uber Invader Chief has been destroyed
  • Ghosts’ Shelters, which appear after a Ghost has been banished
  • Gifts of the Gods: Silver, which appear in a Kingdom after it wins the Kingdoms Battle: Fury

You’ll gather more resources if you use siege units because their capacity is higher than that of other troop types.

You can also plunder resources, including Silver, from Towers of Fury during the Kingdoms Battle: Fury Competition, but you’ll have to fight the warriors that guard these Fortresses first.

Another way of obtaining Silver is to attack other Jarls’ Towns. If you win, you’ll take your opponent’s resources.

While plundering, beware of traps: your opponent might notice your march and ask for reinforcements or strike your own Town when you remove your Shield for an attack. Always stay alert!

Take part in Competitions and win them: in Vikings: War of Clans, Silver is one of the rewards that you can obtain in Competitions. For example, a Jarl who wins the Battle for the Throne of Jotunheim may obtain the desired resource, together with other trophies.

Vikings: War of Clans silver

Peaceful methods

Build Manors to produce Silver in your Town. The more Manors you have and the higher their level, the more resources you get. Moreover, you can do the following to increase production:

  • Learn the corresponding pieces of Knowledge in the Oracle, such as Silver Production
  • Craft pieces of equipment that grant bonuses to Silver production, such as the Madman’s Mantle or Olaf’s Armor
  • Upgrade Silver Production Hero’s Skills
  • Inlay your Hero’s and Shaman’s equipment with the Jasper gem and the Wisdom, Predominance, and Growth runes
  • Activate boosts from the Silver Production category, such as Great Greed

You can also receive Silver from your clanmates. Send convoys of resources to each other in order to develop your Towns together and lead your Clan to prosperity.

Be sure to complete Tasks and Quests, too: they might grant you Silver as a reward.

Free your Kingdom from Invaders, Uber Invaders, Uber Invader Chiefs, and Ghosts. By attacking them, you can receive this precious resource, in addition to valuable materials and rune fragments.

Finally, you can purchase Silver in the Item Store, including as part of Coffers, and in the Bank as part of various packages and subscriptions.

Vikings, Silver supplies in your Towns are sure to increase if you follow these tips!