War of Clans

Crafting. Equipment, materials, gems, and runes

Vikings: War of Clans is a world of true warriors who know no pity or fear. To defeat your enemies in fierce battles, you need to be armed to the teeth. In this article, you’ll learn how to craft and upgrade equipment to get ready for new fights.

Hero’s and Shamans’ equipment give bonuses to the most important game stats in Vikings: War of Clans. Equipment can increase the military characteristics of your warriors, speed up your Town’s development, and help you attack Invaders and Ghosts more effectively.

Equipment in Vikings War of Clans

Obtain materials

All equipment is crafted using materials in the Forge – a building in the Town where the Viking blacksmiths work tirelessly. In Vikings: War of Clans, materials can be obtained in different ways. Here are some of them:
– Yielding resources in locations on the Town Map
– Attacking Invaders
– Completing Tasks
Remember that the more damage you inflict on an Invader, the more valuable the reward you’ll get!

Materials, equipment, gems, and runes can be of different qualities:
– Simple
– Usual
– Unusual
– Rare
– Epic
– Legendary

It’s important to keep in mind that the better the quality, the higher the bonus. In Vikings, Legendary equipment gives maximum bonuses. To craft this kind of equipment, you will need materials of the highest quality, which you can gain by combining the identical materials of a lower quality.

Craft equipment

There are 4 kinds of equipment in Vikings: War of Clans: standard, special, Invaders’ equipment, and Shamans’ equipment.

To craft a particular piece of equipment, you need to know in advance which materials or components you will need. For example, in Vikings, Invaders’ materials can be obtained by attacking Invaders, while crafting Shamans’ equipment will require some pieces of Hero’s and Shamans’ equipment as components.

In order to craft special equipment in the Forge, you will first need to study the corresponding Draft in the Arms Guild of your Clan Stronghold. Only Clan Elders or the Chief can start the studying process, as they are the most experienced Vikings. Equipment of this kind gives great bonuses to the military characteristics of your warriors, the economic stats of your Town, and much more.

No one can stop brave Vikings when their goal is to get the best equipment in the world of Vikings: War of Clans. Special equipment will help you and your Hero to conquer new lands!

Increase equipment bonuses with gems and runes

Inlay equipment with gems and runes. Don’t miss the chance of gaining an advantage, as in Vikings: War of Clans, runes and gems give additional bonuses. If needed, you can remove them from equipment using special items: the Diamond Knife and the Runic Knife.

Use bonuses from your equipment to destroy enemies fearlessly, as willed by the ancient Vikings. Gems, runes, and equipment will endow you with incredible power that will help you become the mightiest Jarl and conquer the North!