Vikings:War of Clans

Game Info

Welcome to the beautiful and deadly Northern lands, where only true warriors survive. It’s a harsh, brutal place, fraught with danger, but also glory. Viking Clans roam the Kingdom, pillaging and raiding without guidance or purpose. It is time for a true Viking Jarl to step up and lead them on their greatest conquest.


You will be that leader in Vikings: War of Clans, an epic MMO strategy game by Plarium.



Travel northward and find the perfect place to erect your Viking Town. There, you will train your very own army of warriors, Berserkers and Shieldmaidens to spread your legacy across the world. Under the guiding eye of Odin himself, your armies will descend on your enemies and pave your way to glorious victory. But true glory cannot be achieved by sharp axes alone.


The gods will bestow upon you Knowledge in warfare, diplomacy and trade. Discover it all and you will rule the Northern lands in Vikings: War of Clans.

Rule the North

To reach the halls of Asgard and sit with the gods themselves, Jarls must take control of their Town and expand it into a realm fitting a Viking Hero. Your Town is your sanctuary, your mark upon the world, so you need to take care of it and make sure it never falls into enemy hands. Build impenetrable defenses, recruit a powerful army and amass piles of resources through raids or methodical management. With the blessings of Odin and your trusty council at your side, you’ll stand tall in the face of conflict, and emerge victorious every time.


Only those who tasted victory know that nothing else tastes as sweet. Engage in fierce PvE and PvP battle and gain rewards beyond your wildest dreams. Raid Towns, or destroy roaming gangs of Invaders to collect precious resource and raise your stature among the Northern Clans.  Master different battle strategies, and you’ll soon be the most feared Jarl in all the North.


Vikings: War of Clans Gameplay

Form a Powerful Viking Clan

Not every Jarl you cross paths with in Vikings: War of Clans™ is your mortal enemy. Vikings find strength in numbers, and if you want to be a part, or even lead, a strong Clan, you will need to employ diplomacy as often as you do force. Form bonds with other Jarls from all across the North, and plan massive Onslaughts on tougher locations, like Place of Power, or even take on other Clans in brutal PvP. The greater the challenge you choose to face, the greater the rewards you can reap.

Together, Clans will decide the fate of the Northern lands and shape them in their image.

Be the first Jarl to conquer all of the North play Vikings: War of Clans now!