Vikings:War of Clans

Ghosts are invading the Viking lands!

In Vikings: War of Clans, Ghosts are the sworn enemies of Shamans. They come to Midgard in order to capture the Viking lands. Your mission is to banish these mystical creatures!

Ghosts Vikings: War of Clans

How to find Ghosts

They can be found on the Global Map. The strongest Ghosts dwell in the center, near the Place of Power in the Millennial Forest. The weakest ones are located along the edges of the Global Map.

How to fight Ghosts

Only Shamans can banish them. You need to learn the corresponding “Unlock Ghosts” Knowledge in the Oracle for the level of Ghost you are attacking before you send a Shaman to attack. Thus, in order to attack level 6 Ghosts, you need to learn the “Unlock Ghosts VI” Knowledge.

The stronger the Ghost, the more Shaman’s power will be consumed when you attack it, and the more valuable the reward that you will receive by doing so.

How to increase your Shaman’s offense against Ghosts

  • Activate boosts
  • Make use of the Sustained Attack bonus by attacking the same Ghost several times
  • Upgrade your Shaman’s Skills
  • Learn Knowledge that improves your Shaman’s stats

What you can get for fighting Ghosts

In Vikings: War of Clans, you can get items and rune fragments by attacking Ghosts. These fragments can be used to create Viking runes, which grant bonuses if they are inlaid into your Hero’s or Shaman’s equipment.

After you have completely banished a Ghost, a Ghost’s Shelter appears in its place. This is a location where you can yield resources and rune fragments.

How to create runes

Viking runes are created in the Rune Workshop. You need to collect 1,000 rune fragments in order to create one Simple rune.

You can subsequently improve the quality of your runes by fusing them. The process is similar to the process of fusing gems in the Workshop or materials in the Forge: one Usual rune is created from four Simple runes; one Unusual rune is created from four Usual runes, and so on until you reach Legendary quality. You can fuse runes over time (using Silver) or instantly (by spending Gold).

Supreme Ghosts: what they are and how to banish them

Supreme Ghosts can also invade the Viking lands. They are tougher and more powerful than level 6 Ghosts. In order to banish them, you will need a lot of Shaman’s power, and you may even need to attack as a team, but the reward is worth it.

Now you know how to fight Ghosts, so equip your Shaman and liberate Midgard!