Vikings:War of Clans


In Vikings: War of Clans, Jotunheim is the land of fierce giants. A Jarl who becomes the King of Jotunheim will attain immortal glory.

Jotunheim in Vikings: War of Clans

Battle for the Throne

Jotunheim in Vikings is covered with eternal ice. You can only relocate to this world during the legendary Battle for the Throne Competition.

To receive the King of Jotunheim honorific, you need to do the following: over two days, capture the Throne of Jotunheim and hold it longer than other Jarls. This is not an easy thing to do, but the reward is worth the effort. The winner will receive the following trophies and privileges:

– The honorific “King of Jotunheim” and the corresponding bonuses
– A choice of one Legendary piece of equipment from the King’s pack
– Resources (10B Food, Lumber, Iron, and Stone, 8B Silver, 8M Gold)
– The right to assign Titles to any six Kingdoms
– A unique icon for the King’s home Kingdom on the Kingdoms Map and a unique King icon in сhats
– 20 Coffers of King’s gifts
– The unique Hero’s skin and Jörmungard Town Skin
– The right to select the Invader who will appear in all Kingdoms for a week
– Access to direct communication with a company representative

In Jotunheim you can also participate in various clan and personal Competitions. Earn points by holding the Throne, destroying enemy warriors, and fighting Monsters.

Monsters of Jotunheim in Vikings: War of Clans

Dreadful giants – the Troll and Egir’s Votary – dwell in Jotunheim. In Vikings, Monsters of Jotunheim guard Coffers of items. Attack them during the legendary Battle for the Throne Competition and get trophies as a reward. Remember, Jarls: the stronger you hit, the more valuable the loot.

Please note:

– Monsters of Jotunheim don’t have levels but possess a large amount of health
– No resource locations appear in their place after you destroy them
– To attack the Troll, you need to learn the “Unlock Invaders I” Knowledge, and to banish the Egir’s Votary, you need to learn the “Unlock Ghosts I” Knowledge
– Bonuses that affect Invaders/Ghosts also affect Monsters of Jotunheim
– Monsters cannot be found by using the Navigator, but they only appear in certain places

Liberate the icy lands of Vikings: War of Clans from the Monsters of Jotunheim! The dangerous world of Jotunheim is waiting for the bravest Jarls!