Vikings:War of Clans

Hero’s Skills

In the Vikings: War of Clans game, Hero’s Skills grant bonuses to important economic and military stats.

There are three categories of Skills:

Hero Skills Against Invaders

To upgrade your Hero’s Skills, you will need Skill points, which can be earned by increasing your Hero’s level and upgrading the Hero’s Abode to certain levels.

Main Skills

Use your Hero’s Main Skills to make you more effective in battle against your enemies. You can do the following:

  • Decrease enemy warriors’ stats by upgrading the “Enemy Troop Health,” “Enemy Troop Defense,” and “Enemy Troop Offense” Skills
  • Increase your own army’s stats by upgrading “Troop Health,” “Troop Defense,” etc.
  • Strengthen the military power of your Clan by upgrading the “Army Offense in Onslaught” and “Warrior Number in an Onslaught” Skills

Hero’s Skills also allow you to develop your Town.

  • To improve your Town’s economics and increase the speed at which resources that are needed for development are produced, upgrade “Resource Production,” “Iron Production,” “Silver Production,” etc.
  • If you want to gather more resources in locations, upgrade the “Capacity” and “Resource Yielding” Skills.
  • To decrease the cost of constructing buildings and learning Knowledge, upgrade the “Building Cost” and “Knowledge Learning Cost” Skills.

Skills Against Invaders

In Vikings: War of Clans, Hero’s Skills can help you fight Invaders more efficiently. For example, the “Hero’s Energy Depletion” Skill decreases the amount of energy your Hero spends when attacking an Invader.

Upgrade Skills from the Against Invaders category in order to make your Hero stronger and render Invaders more vulnerable.

Special Skills

These Skills unlock when your Hero reaches level 61. They also grant bonuses to military and economic stats.

Upgrade your Hero in the Vikings: War of Clans game and be victorious!