War of Clans


In the Vikings: War of Clans world, Clans play an important role. It is much easier to defeat enemies and develop your Town together with skilled warriors.

Clans in Vikings: War of Clans

How to create a Clan in Vikings

It is very simple to create a Clan. To do this, you will need 1,000 Gold and a little imagination. Go to the Clan window, then open the Create Clan tab. Think of a threatening Clan name and a formidable Shield, and write a short description. After this, decide whether your Clan will have open or regulated admission. Anyone will be able to join it if the admission is open. Otherwise, players will have to send a request if they wish to join.

Your Clan – your rules

Strict Clan Regulations are a must for managing a mighty alliance. Vikings obey the rules that their Chief created for the common good. Remember that your Clan Regulations are only visible to our clanmates; other Jarls cannot see them.

Hierarchy is important for any in-game alliance. In Vikings: War of Clans, Clan ranks can be of 5 types:

– Ranker
– Warrior
– Warlord
– Elder
– Chief

Depending on the title, Jarls have different powers, such as the ability to edit the Clan Regulations, accept requests from new participants, and expel rule-breakers.

In addition, Clan members usually perform different roles. They can act as an attacking force, or as diplomats and scouts. They can bait other players, making traps out of their Towns, or can store and distribute resources as the Clan bank. It all depends on the goals set by the Chief.

A Clan is about fast development and glorious victories

Joining or creating a Clan gives you a number of advantages. For instance, in Vikings: War of Clans, Tasks are divided into Personal, Clan, and Premium. By completing Clan Tasks, you earn Loyalty Points, which you can then exchange for various items from the Clan Store.

Clan, global, and legendary Competitions also become available to you. A lot of military alliances take part in them, so the battles are usually incredibly harsh.

Joint attacks will help you win these Competitions. In Vikings: War of Clans, Onslaughts sometimes play a crucial role when destroying your enemy. It is within your power to gather a mighty army of the bravest Vikings. Onslaughts are also especially effective in battles for the Fortresses – special locations, which you can capture and get valuable trophies.

In Vikings: War of Clans, reinforcements are one of the ways to resist other Jarls’ joint attacks. You should use reinforcements when you see the enemy approaching your clanmate’s Town. Or you can gather troops and set up an ambush. Such traps in Vikings are a real deadly minefield for arrogant Jarls.

Win together! Stand shoulder to shoulder with your loyal friends and conquer the North!