Vikings:War of Clans

Viking buildings in the Jarl’s Town

Every wise ruler knows: the basis for great power is a well-organized military camp. Your Town is the place where you start increasing your influence in Vikings: War of Clans.

There are preconstructed Viking buildings in the Town, as well as free slots for constructing administrative and resource buildings.

Palace in Vikings: War of Clans

Preconstructed buildings

Some buildings in Vikings: War of Clans are already constructed in your Town. The key processes of the game take place there.

The Palace is the main building in Vikings: War of Clans, there you can see information about your Town and various game statistics.

Other buildings are also very important:

  • The Shrine of Odin is in charge of your warriors’ marches
  • The Wall gives extra defense to your troops in the Town
  • The Watchtower warns you about impending attacks on your Town
  • The Vault protects a certain amount of resources from being plundered
  • The Infirmary heals the wounded and brings some of the warriors killed in battle back to life
  • The Hero’s Abode displays all information about your Hero
  • The Gates to Helheim allow you to go to the Champion’s Abode, Helheim Store, and Helheim Forge, as well as to the entrance to the Catacombs.

The Oracle deserves special mention. In Vikings: War of Clans, Knowledge can considerably increase military and economic stats and even speed up some processes. It is the Oracle that paves the way to new Knowledge.

Free slots for building

Most of the slots on the Town map are free, you can choose what you want to build there.

The buildings that can be placed in the selected slot are listed in the Construction menu. Building can be performed for Gold or resources.

There are two types of buildings: administrative and resource. The latter include the Farm, Lumber Mill, Mine, and Stone Quarry.”

Administrative buildings

These buildings perform various functions:

  • The Barracks provide new warriors for your army
  • The Valkyries’ Citadel improves certain characteristics of selected troop types
  • The Mead Hall and the War Bloc help you and your clanmates to unite against your enemy
  • The Market enables you to send resources to other members of your Clan
  • The Forge is where the Hero’s and Shaman’s equipment is crafted
  • The Workshop and the Rune Workshop store gems and runes, which can be inlaid into equipment
  • The Sanctuary of the Aesir helps to enlist the support of the mighty gods of Asgard
  • The Hall of Mysteries enables you to summon a Shaman
  • The Manor brings Silver and increases your warrior training speed in the Barracks

How to speed up building

In Vikings, Gold allows you to finish a building process instantly, but if you pay with resources, it takes time. You can minimize the waiting period by using clansmen’s help, VIP status, some Knowledge, Hero’s and Shaman’s Skills, as well as boosts and equipment (including ones inlaid with gems and runes). In Vikings: War of Clans, resources can be saved with the help of bonuses, which are extremely important in the game and can save you time as well.

Develop your Town and increase your Influence. The North is waiting for a wise ruler!