Vikings:War of Clans

Update for veterans and new players

The Hall of Glory and a schedule for the Kingdoms Battle: Fury have been added to Vikings: War of Clans, along with tons of new features for players who are just starting out in the game.

The Hall of Glory

Once you’ve upgraded the House of Jarls to level 5, the Hall of Glory tab now appears in it. This tab contains additional Clan Knowledge.

Only the Chief of a Clan can learn these pieces of Knowledge, but the bonuses from them affect all Clan members.

In order to upgrade Knowledge in the Hall of Glory, you need a special currency called “Glory Points.” Clans earn these points when they reach checkpoints in clan Competitions or take the top places in rankings.

Knowledge categories in the Hall of Glory:
– Towns
– Onslaughts and Capturing Fortresses
– Espionage
– Tier VIII Troops
– Guarding Fortresses
– Hero I
– Hero II
– Shaman I
– Shaman II
– Economics

Prioritize upgrading Knowledge from the categories your Clan needs most, as they’ll be cheaper. When you learn a piece of Knowledge from a new category, the cost of upgrading Knowledge in the remaining categories increases.

In addition, the Hall of Glory itself grants your Clan economic and military bonuses. Once you’ve learned a piece of Knowledge from the Hall in its entirety, the bonuses increase.

The schedule for the Kingdoms Battle: Fury

You can now find out in advance when and in which of the four opposing Kingdoms temporary bonuses and Towers of Fury will appear. To do so, reveal slots in the Competition schedule in exchange for Soul Shards or Gold. You can start doing this immediately after the Competition has been announced.

Once you’ve revealed a slot, you’ll find out about one random bonus or a scheduled appearance of Towers. The information becomes visible to all your clanmates.

If you reveal a slot, the cost of revealing the next one will be higher for you.

New features for players who are just starting out in the game

Novice’s marathon

Earn substantial rewards – a piece of Hero’s equipment, a Hero’s Skin, and a Town Skin – right at the beginning of Vikings: War of Clans! To do so, take part in the novice’s marathon, which appears after you’ve completed the tutorial and only lasts for seven days. In the marathon, you need to complete in-game tasks, such as joining a Clan, destroying a Paladin Cohort, collecting resources, upgrading your Palace, training warriors, gaining Influence, etc.

You receive 10 Quests every day for the first five days of the marathon. For the remaining two days, you can complete Quests that you didn’t manage to complete earlier.

Quests for destroying Invaders and the ability to search more easily for these foes

We’ve added Quests for destroying level 1–3 Invaders for new players. Complete these Quests and receive rewards! In order to quickly find these opponents, hit the “Attack” button in the window that contains the Quests for destroying them, and the game will indicate an enemy near your Town. If there are no enemies nearby, the game will create one for you.

The novice’s reward

After you’ve completed the tutorial, simply log in to the game for the next seven days and claim your reward, which will contain valuable items for developing your Town and doing battle.

Competitions for new players

Previously, new players took part in personal Competitions together with all other players, which made it hard for them to reach the top places because they were competing against more experienced Jarls. Now, players whose Palace is below level 18 have separate personal Competitions with their own Leagues and rewards.

There’s truly something for everyone in this update to Vikings: War of Clans! If you’ve only just started playing, try out the Quests and Competitions for new players. If you’re already an experienced player, check out the Hall of Glory and the schedule for the Kingdoms Battle: Fury.