Vikings:War of Clans

Kingdoms Battle: Fury

True Vikings constantly seek the thrill of combat in order to feel a raging battle fury coursing through their veins, win the gods’ attention, and become famous across the North. That’s why various challenges await you in the world of Vikings: War of Clans. The Kingdoms Battle: Fury is one of them. In this global Competition, you need to unite with other Jarls and lead your Kingdom to victory.

Competition description

In the Kingdoms Battle: Fury, all participants are divided into groups of four Kingdoms. When the opponents are chosen, their Influence is taken into account. This means that everyone has a fair chance of winning.

Kingdoms Battle: Fury

Success can only be achieved by joint effort. Every Viking must prove themselves and earn as many points as possible.

Temporary bonuses and Towers of Fury

During this Competition, special bonuses are activated in Kingdoms. They double the number of points received for completing tasks such as killing enemy warriors, yielding resources, and attacking Invaders and Ghosts.

Unique Fortresses also appear in Kingdoms. They are called Towers of Fury. Vikings can attack or defend them. Battles for Towers of Fury bring resources and points in the Competition.

Please note: these Fortresses are guarded very well. They have twelve levels. The higher the Tower of Fury level, the harder it is to capture it, but the loot is better too. You can capture Fortresses alone, but joint attacks – Onslaughts – are much more effective.

In Vikings, Towers of Fury and temporary bonuses appear in each of the four participant Kingdoms in turn, disappearing after three hours. So be attentive and don’t miss your chance to earn even more trophies.

Jarls, don’t be afraid of challenges and fight fearlessly. The gods will richly reward you for your courage!