Vikings:War of Clans

Global Map

In Vikings: War of Clans, the most interesting things happen outside the Town walls. Global Map is the place where you have to show your wisdom and courage.

There are many important places and dangerous enemies on the Vikings: War of Clans map.

Global Map

Towns of the North

There are thousands of Towns located in Kingdoms in Vikings: War of Clans. Each Town has a marker above it that indicates its level. The Jarl’s name is shown under the Town. The marker colors vary:

  • Blue for your Town
  • Green for the Towns of your clanmates (you cannot attack these)
  • Red for enemy Towns (you can attack these)

You can also find out the name of a Viking’s Town. It is displayed in the upper part of the window that opens after you select a Jarl’s Town on the Global Map.

Resource locations in Vikings: War of Clans

Resources lie at the root of most conflicts between Jarls in Vikings: War of Clans. Farming plays an important role in Vikings’ lives. You can find resources in enemy Towns, as well as in other special locations. In Vikings: War of Clans, resource tiles are located on the Global Map. There, you’ll find Food, Lumber, Iron, Stone, Silver, and even Gold! Hurry – other Vikings may also be interested in these reserves. Resource yielding speed and location capacity depend on the location’s level. There are a total of nine levels:

  • Level 1–6 locations are always on the Global Map
  • Level 7–9 locations appear after victory in certain global Competitions

Invaders and Ghosts

You’ll face various opponents on the Global Map. Only Heroes can defeat Invaders. In such battles, you have a chance to obtain materials that are used for crafting equipment in the Forge. In Vikings: War of Clans, Invaders’ Lairs also contain these materials. You’ll find more information about Invaders in this article.

Ghosts, on the other hand, are banished by Shamans. These battles give you a chance to obtain rune fragments. After you collect enough fragments, you can create whole runes that give various bonuses to Legendary equipment.

Mighty Fortresses

The Place of Power in Vikings: War of Clans is a Fortress that is located in the center of each Kingdom. You can find it at these coordinates Х: 256, Y: 512.

What does the Place of Power in Vikings give you? The Clan that captures this Fortress can be rightly called the mightiest in the Kingdom. The Clan Chief is proclaimed the Konung and gets a host of privileges.

Towers of Fury are Fortresses that appear on the Global Map only during the Kingdoms Battle: Fury. You can view detailed information about this Competition in the special article.

Jarls, use the Global Map to explore and conquer the North. Many discoveries await you!