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Vikings:War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans secrets

In this article, we are going to share with you some Vikings: War of Clans tips and tricks. You will learn the following:

  • What types of troops to upgrade
  • How to do battle
  • How to develop in the game in an efficient way
  • How to upgrade your Hero and Shaman

Viking axe

What types of troops to upgrade

In the Vikings game, you can choose one troop type that you will be upgrading more than the others. Before you decide which warriors will become your primary troop type, pay attention to the following points:

  • What the composition of your Clan’s troops is
  • Which Shaman you have upgraded most in your Town
  • Which troop type has already been upgraded in the Valkyries’ Citadel
  • Whether or not you have a seasonal Hero’s Skin

The troop composition in your Clan

Each troop type in Vikings: War of Clans is more effective against some troop types and less so against others. For example, killers are stronger than siege engines by 50%. This means that if your Clan mainly has siege units and your opponent mainly has killers, you are probably going to lose.

In order to avoid this situation, assign different troop types among your clanmates and create an army that will be able to repel any opponent.


All Shamans have their own abilities that affect certain troop types. For example, the following abilities of Stieg the Sharp improve the stats of your ranged warriors:

  • Ranged Offense
  • Ranged Defense
  • Ranged Health
  • Ranged Training Cost

If you already have an upgraded Shaman – Stieg the Sharp, for instance – it would be reasonable to use ranged troops as your main troop type.

Troops in the Valkyries’ Citadel

If you have already upgraded a troop type in the Valkyries’ Citadel, you can choose it as the main troop type in your Town.

Please note that the upgrade cost in the Valkyries’ Citadel is initially equal for all troop types, but after the first upgrade, the cost of upgrading the other troop types increases. Choose carefully which troops you are going to upgrade first in the building.

Seasonal Hero’s Skins

You can buy seasonal Hero’s Skins in the Seasonal Store in exchange for Runic Coins. These Skins can grant bonuses that improve the stats of a certain troop type.

If you have already purchased a seasonal Hero’s Skin, you can take advantage of the bonuses it provides and choose the troop type that benefits from the Skin as your main troop type.

How to do battle

Vikings army

Before you send your troops into battle, check out the situation in the Kingdoms and in your own Clan. Your Clan might have made a truce with another Clan, which you may be attacking.

Also, find out what troop type your opponent uses and send troops of a stronger type to attack them.

In Vikings: War of Clans, alliances can help Clans fight in Competitions. Conclude an alliance with a mighty and reliable Clan, and this will increase your own Clan’s options when developing a war strategy.

How to develop in the game in an efficient way

Hyper farming vikings

In the Vikings game, there are many different ways of developing, depending on your goals.

You can plan which buildings to construct in your Town based on your Clan’s military and economic strategy. For example, you could use a hyper-farming tactic. That means constructing resource buildings that will increase the production of a resource of a certain type.

Plan your economic and military development in advance. From level 35, every resource building grants additional bonuses that can affect military stats. For example, a level 35 Farm adds 10% to your Infirmaries’ capacity, and a level 35 Stone Quarry increases the defense of your troops by 2.5%. If you take this into account from the start, you won’t have to change the buildings in your Town later on.

How to upgrade your Hero and Shaman

Hero's Energy vikings

Here’s a list of ways to upgrade your Hero and Shaman:

  • Upgrade Knowledge in the Oracle
  • Upgrade buildings
  • Complete Tasks and Quests
  • Attack Invaders, Uber Invaders and their Chiefs, Ghosts, and Supreme Ghosts
  • Kill enemy troops
  • Use the “Book of Knowledge” and “Book of Mysteries” items

Hero’s and Shaman’s stats are also affected by:

  • The “Hero’s Experience” Knowledge
  • The “Hero’s Experience” and “Shaman’s Experience” boosts
  • The Hero’s Abode and Hall of Mysteries buildings
  • VIP levels (for Shaman’s experience)

In order to upgrade your Hero faster, use Hero’s equipment that gives bonuses to Hero’s experience. The following pieces of Legendary equipment grant the maximum bonuses:

  • Fur Hat – +40% to the Hero’s experience
  • Steppe Caftan – +30% to the Hero’s experience
  • Khazar’s Bow – +22% to the Hero’s experience
  • Wanderer’s Boots – +19.2% to the Hero’s experience
  • Golden Bracelet – +20% to the Hero’s experience

We’ve shared some Vikings: War of Clans tips with you. Use them to develop your Town and defeat your enemies!