Vikings:War of Clans

VIP status. VIP levels, points, and bonuses

What must true Vikings do after stepping on the path of war? Create a powerful army, defend their lands from raids, and supply their Town with necessary resources. VIP status will help you to succeed in all these things.

VIP status in Vikings: War of Clans

Activating status

In Vikings: War of Clans, VIP status gives you a range of valuable bonuses. Their value increases with each new VIP level.

The status is activated automatically when you reach a new VIP level. To do that, you need to obtain a certain number of VIP points. In Vikings: War of Clans, VIP points can be purchased in the Item Store and Clan Store. You can also receive them for active participation in the Kingdoms Battle and Kingdoms Battle: Fury Competitions. Attack Invaders and Uber Invaders, banish Ghosts, and claim the reward for loyalty – this will bring you even more VIP points.

Also, in Vikings Status is activated when you use the special VIP Status Activation item.

Status bonuses

In Vikings: War of Clans, VIP levels give you various bonuses that help you in your Town development and on military marches. For example, speeding up processes for free, increasing resource production, enhancing your army, and reducing enemy combat stats.

Status also gives you additional Personal, Clan, and Premium Tasks. After reaching certain VIP levels, you’ll be able to complete Tasks in a single action and instantly claim the rewards from them.

Jarls, make wise decisions, choose the most advantageous paths of development, and use the unique opportunities provided by VIP status. Your Town’s prosperity is in your hands!