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Vikings:War of Clans

Update: Alliances between Clans, changes to the Clans Battle, and more

Jarls, prepare for the Vikings: War of Clans game update! There’ll be Alliances between Clans, the ability to capture an enemy’s Place of Power, changes to the Clans Battle, a new Hero’s Skin for the King of Jotunheim, and more.

Viking alliance

Alliances between Clans

A Viking Alliance represents two Clans united by common interests. You can form an Alliance with a Clan from any Kingdom. Having done so, you will be able to do the following:

  • Form joint Onslaughts
  • Send reinforcements to your allies’ Towns and Fortresses (with the exception of Forts on the Islands of Trials)
  • Send convoys of resources to each other
  • Hit the relevant button to help your allies speed up some processes in their Towns
  • Communicate in a special chat

Vikings: War of Clans Place of Power

Capturing an enemy’s Place of Power

Now, during global Competitions, you can not only attack the Place of Power in an enemy Kingdom but capture it as well. Once a Clan has managed to hold an enemy’s Place of Power and become its owner, the Chief and Elders will be able to assign Reputes to Jarls from the Kingdom in which the relevant Place of Power is located.

Changes to the Clans Battle

The “Battles in the Place of Power” and “Battles in Towns and resource locations” task categories have been replaced with three new categories, which include a task for capturing the Place of Power in an enemy Kingdom.

The updated Clans Battle has eight task categories:

  1. Capturing an enemy’s Place of Power.
  2. Battles in the Clan Stronghold.
  3. Killing enemy warriors during an attack.
  4. Killing enemy warriors during defense.
  5. Killing enemy warriors.
  6. Hunting Invaders and Ghosts, yielding resources in resource locations.
  7. Training, healing, and resurrecting warriors.
  8. Increasing Influence and developing the Clan Stronghold.

We’ve also added a task for upgrading warriors in the Valkyries’ Citadel to the last category.

Queen of Jotunheim Hero’s Skin

Now, winners of the Battle for the Throne Competition will get both male and female versions of the Hero’s Skin.

Other changes

In this update, we also changed a few more things. We have:

  • Increased the rewards for logging in to the game daily
  • Added military boosts in the Helheim Store
  • Modified the bonuses provided by one achievement and also increased the maximum level of five achievements
  • Reworked daily, weekly, and monthly Quests and increased the rewards they provide

Try the new features in the Vikings: War of Clans game, plan your own strategy, and may it lead you to victory!