Vikings:War of Clans

Holmgang – the epic Competition

Presenting a huge Vikings: War of Clans update! Jarls who love the spirit of competition and want to show off their strategic talents will especially like this update.

There’s a new epic Competition in Vikings: War of Clans – Holmgang! In this Competition, Clans pair up and fight each other. The main goal is for each Clan to defend its own Forts and destroy the enemy’s. But this is by no means an easy task, and you will have to use not only your troops’ power, but your ingenuity as well.

To participate in Holmgang, the Chief and Elders of Clans must send an application and select a convenient time for their battles.

A new location – the Islands of Trials

The Competition is held on a separate territory called the “Islands of Trials.” To get there, you will need the Journey to Holmgang item. The Return from Holmgang item will allow you to relocate back to your home Kingdom.

Special Fortresses – Forts – are located on the Islands of Trials. Forts contain resources and special troops called “Island Guards.” The Forts are surrounded by the Dark Swamps, where Peace Treaties cannot be used.

Holmgang’s features

In Vikings: War of Clans, the Holmgang event lasts 22 hours. Clans don’t compete throughout all this time: they only do so during the time period they selected when sending their application.

Battles are divided into defense and attack phases. Each of these phases includes time for preparation and for the battle itself.

At the beginning of the first phase, which Clan will be defending Forts and which will be attacking them is determined randomly.

The defending side must protect its Forts at all costs and prevent its opponent from destroying them. Jarls can send reinforcements to Fortresses, and the Clan’s Chief and Elders can set traps against various troop types there. Only one trap can be set in each Fort, and it will be active for one phase. You can craft and upgrade traps in the Trap Workshop in the Clan Stronghold.

The attacking side’s goal is simple – to destroy as many enemy Forts as possible to earn points for victory.

After the first phase is over, the next phase starts and the Clans switch roles: the attackers become the defenders, and vice versa.

The Clan that earned the most points for destroying Forts wins. If the score is tied, the Clan that received the most points for killing troops wins.

You can get precious military bonuses for the whole Clan as a reward in Holmgang.

In Vikings: War of Clans, events become even more exciting with every update. Try the new game mechanics and feel the spirit of battle!