War of Clans

The Konung and Reputes

Who among Jarls doesn’t want to conquer the whole Kingdom? This is totally a thing you can do – you just need to seize your fate and become Konung in Vikings: War of Clans! The struggle for this title will be tough, but the winner will get not only glory, but many bonuses as well.

How to become Konung

The Chief of the Clan that managed to capture and hold the Place of Power becomes Konung. In Vikings: War of Clans, the Place of Power is a Fortress located in the center of the Kingdom. This location can have one of three statuses:

  • Open – this status is active until one Clan is the first to bring their troops to the Place of Power or until they dislodge the troops of another Clan already located there.
  • Siege – this status is activated when the Clan holding the Fortress changes as a result of a successful attack. This status lasts for 3 hours. During this time, the troops of the Clan that captured the Place of Power need to repel enemy attacks. If they succeed, the Clan Chief becomes Konung, and the Place of Power acquires the next status.
  • Guarded – this status lasts for 24 hours, during which the Fortress cannot be attacked. When this time expires, the location acquires the Open status. The Place of Power can be attacked again, but the Konung retains their title until the Fortress is captured by another Clan.

To acquire the title of Konung, you need to be a skilled strategist and have a powerful army. You will have more chance of victory if you unite the forces of several Jarls from your Clan and send these brave Vikings on an Onslaught. After capturing the Fortress, make sure you station reinforcements in it, since your enemies won’t stand idly by.

After becoming Konung, you will receive the following bonuses every 24 hours:

  • 20,000 Prowess Points
  • 10% of the Silver of all Clan Chiefs in the Kingdom

What is a Repute?

In Vikings: War of Clans, Reputes are special titles that the Konung or their Clan Elders can assign to any Jarl in the Kingdom. There are a total of 25 Reputes: 13 of them give bonuses, while 12 bestow negative effects. These titles allow you to help your allies and weaken your enemies. In the table below, you can see what Reputes are available in Vikings: War of Clans.

Table of Reputes

Remember that Reputes are only valid for a limited time: 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 3 hours. You cannot assign one Repute to two Jarls simultaneously.

Becoming Konung is a great honor for a Viking. Unleash your power and determination, and the Kingdom will definitely fall down at your feet!