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Vikings:War of Clans

The Place of Power

Fortresses play a special role in Vikings. When fighting for them, you will fully experience the epic scale of wars in the North.

There are five types of Fortresses in the game: the Throne of Jotunheim, Towers of Fury, Forts on the Islands of Trials, Clan Strongholds, and the Place of Power. Vikings desperately try to capture these locations – they conduct espionage, gather troops, and organize Onslaughts together with their clanmates.

From this article, you will learn what advantages the Place of Power gives in Vikings, and how long you must hold it to become the best Clan in your Kingdom.

The Place of Power

How do you capture the Place of Power?

In Vikings, the Place of Power is located in the center of each Kingdom. It is surrounded by the Millennial Forest, where the Uber Invaders live. This Fortress can have three statuses:

– Open – this means that the Fortress is not occupied, and any Jarl who is a Clan member can capture it. Act now, or your opponents will get there first!

– Siege – this is the status that the Fortress acquires after it has been captured. Vikings must hold the Fortress and resist enemy attacks for 3 hours.

– Guarded – this is the status that is active for 24 hours if the siege on the Fortress has been successful. During this period, the Place of Power cannot be attacked – the victors can celebrate their triumph and honor the Clan Chief, who is proclaimed the Konung of the Kingdom.

Remember: to capture the Place of Power, you need to carefully plan the attack and organize a powerful Onslaught together with your clanmates.

What are the perks of the Place of Power?

Both the entire Clan and the Chief get advantages from holding the Fortress.

Every 24 hours, provided that the Clan keeps holding the Fortress, the Konung receives 10% of the Silver of all Clan Chiefs in the Kingdom and 20,000 Prowess Points.

The Konung can also give special Reputes to Jarls. In Vikings: War of Clans, Reputes can have positive effects for allies or negative effects for sworn enemies. Decide the fate of others not only with a sword, but also with Reputes. The Konung’s will is law in Vikings!

Become the master of the Place of Power and prove to the whole Kingdom that your Clan is the strongest.