Vikings:War of Clans

Clan Stronghold

Vikings: War of Clans is all about the heat of the fight and the joy of victory. Of course, it’s better to go into battle with faithful companions. That’s why Jarls unite into Clans and construct Strongholds.

A Viking Stronghold is a mighty Fortress that makes your Clan much stronger. In this article, you will learn which bonuses the Clan Stronghold gives in Vikings: War of Clans.

Clan stronghold

The Valley of the Aesir and Stronghold bonuses

The area around the Stronghold is called the Valley of the Aesir. It marks the borders of your Clan’s lands. The size of the Valley of the Aesir depends on the level of the House of Jarls, which is the main building in the Stronghold.

Jarls whose Towns are located in the Valley of the Aesir get special bonuses. In particular, their resource production increases, and their troops become stronger. Quite a good advantage over an enemy, isn’t it?

Secure resources

The North is harsh, and there’s no mercy for the weak. Attacks on foreign Towns are usual for Vikings, that’s why Jarls don’t just worry about the size of their army, but also about keeping their resources safe. You can send resources to your clanmates or the Clan Stronghold. This will protect your reserves from being plundered and allow you to develop the Clan Town.

Common resources that arrive in the Stronghold can be transformed into unique ones. With their help, you can upgrade buildings and Knowledge in the Clan Town.

Note: the Stronghold cannot be attacked, that’s why all the resources kept there are totally safe.

Knowledge in the Clan Stronghold

Some of the Stronghold’s bonuses are active not only in the Valley of the Aesir. Knowledge from the Shamans’ Residence make all Clan members’ troops stronger and decrease the enemy’s military stats.

Develop the Stronghold faster and be a step ahead of your enemies. Economic Knowledge in the Shamans’ Residence speeds up processes in the Stronghold itself. For instance, it can increase the speed of construction and resource transformation.

Hero’s special equipment

The Hero often heads up the army to lead it to victory. However, some extra support is always helpful.

The Arms Guild in the Stronghold allows you to study Drafts for the Hero’s special equipment. This is an important Stronghold bonus in Vikings: War of Clans. Special equipment considerably increases military and economic stats.

Activating Siege status in a Stronghold

Viking Strongholds are also military Fortresses. Once your Clan has upgraded the Clan Stronghold to level 4, a new building, the Tower of Odin, becomes available for construction there. It allows the Chief and Elders to activate Siege status, which unlocks access to battles against troops led by jötunns or by other Jarls.

Please note: the higher the level of the Tower of Odin, the stronger the troops led by jötunns.

By destroying enemy troops while defending the Stronghold, you earn Soul Shards, which are required in order to enhance Aesir and learn secret Knowledge.

Trap Workshop

Once the Clan Stronghold has been constructed, you can build the Trap Workshop there. In this building, the Clan Chief and Elders can craft and upgrade traps, which are required in order to defend Forts during the Holmgang epic Competition.

Develop the Stronghold, strengthen your Clan, and become invincible!