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Vikings:War of Clans

How Vikings: War of Clans has changed in a year and a half

Veterans remember the days when there were no global Competitions, one could only dream of moving to another Kingdom by using the Drakkar item, and Heroes weren’t accompanied by their loyal assistants – Shamans. Time goes by, and Vikings: War of Clans changes. We decided to look back and tell you about the biggest innovations introduced over the last 18 months.

Aesir in Vikings: War of Clans


Presenting a real challenge for experienced Jarls is the mysterious Jotunheim. Vikings who are only getting to know the North still consider the world of eternal ice a coveted goal. And it’s no surprise! All the warlords of the North can meet there, and only the best of the best take part in the battle for the Throne of Jotunheim – the central location of that world.

The gates to Jotunheim opened for the first time in July 2018. The following new events also appeared at that time:

  • Battle for the Throne legendary Competition: the winner becomes the King of Jotunheim for a month and is rightfully regarded as the mightiest Jarl in the North.
  • Holding the Throne and Slaughter in Jotunheim clan Competitions.

In the icy wastelands, Vikings encounter unique opponents – Monsters of Jotunheim. Jarls can receive Monsters’ Coffers with valuable rewards for attacking them.


Aesir appeared to help Vikings in battles and Town development. Jarls call upon their powerful patrons in the special building in Vikings: War of Clans – the Sanctuary of the Aesir. There you can learn about all the gods of the North, as well as enhance them for Gold, resources, or Soul Shards. By spending any of these, you increase the bonuses you receive, which can be permanent (patronage) and temporary (blessing).

Kingdoms Battle: Fury

Vikings: War of Clans’ new event, the Kingdoms Battle: Fury, was launched at the beginning of 2019. The players themselves were the ones who chose the name for this global Competition. Our team organized a vote and suggested three options:

  • Battle of the Four
  • Ragnarok: The Beginning
  • Kingdoms Battle: Fury

As a result of intense struggles and heated debates, the final name won out.

The Kingdoms Battle: Fury is held regularly. Groups of four Kingdoms fight in this Competition. From time to time, special bonuses are activated or special Fortresses appear in one of the Kingdoms. The Fortresses are called Towers of Fury and contain garrisons of neutral troops.

Tower of Odin

For a long time, Clan Strongholds were untouchable. But after an update, these Clan Towns turned into Fortresses.

Allies can join their efforts and construct a special building in the Stronghold – the Tower of Odin. It allows you to activate Siege status. When this status is active, the Clan Stronghold can be subjected to the attacks of other Jarls and neutral troops. This is a real challenge, but the warlords who succeed can count on a generous reward.

Reworking the Clans Battle

Even good mechanics become outdated over time. This happened to the Clans Battle. As a result, the Plarium team decided to overhaul this global Competition at the end of 2019.

All tasks in the Clans Battle have been divided into seven categories. Now Jarls need to not only earn points, but to try to win in as many categories as possible as well. This guarantees success in the Competition.

In the updated Clans Battle, you have to direct your efforts to different areas, combining economic development and war. The Competition also now has legendary checkpoints and a revised tab with personal achievements.

Streamers actively supported the update. They tirelessly tested the new mechanics and gathered other Vikings’ opinions. The feedback was very useful – we made note of the shortcomings and changed task categories.


Vikings: War of Clans has had Town Skins for a long time – special boosts with economic and military bonuses. Our team decided to revise this mechanic, and the old Town Skins were replaced with Gards.

Gards give permanent bonuses and are upgraded using Star Shards. You can receive bonuses from several Gards at once.

Jarls, Vikings: War of Clans is ever-changing. If you have any ideas on project development, don’t hesitate to share them with us. Together we’ll make the game even more exciting!