Vikings:War of Clans

Clans Battle under new rules

Vikings, in the latest update we’ve made changes to the Clans Battle. The following features have been added to it:

  • 5 legendary checkpoints in Clan achievements
  • Personal achievements and 15 checkpoints for them
  • 8 task categories


As you read in the article about global Competitions, all Clan members who earn at least 1 point get rewards for passing normal checkpoints in Clan achievements.

It’s more difficult to reach legendary checkpoints. To do this, you must earn a certain number of points in personal achievements.

Remember that you receive a reward for personal achievements only if your Clan wins the Competition.

Task categories

Now all tasks in the Clans Battle are divided into eight categories:

  1. Capturing an enemy’s Place of Power.
  2. Battles in the Clan Stronghold.
  3. Killing enemy warriors during an attack.
  4. Killing enemy warriors during defense.
  5. Killing enemy warriors.
  6. Hunting Invaders and Ghosts, yielding resources in resource locations.
  7. Training, healing, and resurrecting warriors.
  8. Increasing Influence and developing the Clan Stronghold.

The Clan that earns the most points in the most categories wins the Competition.

Rewards in the Clans Battle

Members of the winning Clan who earned at least 1 point receive special items – Star Shards – as rewards. These items are required for upgrading Town Skins. In addition, processes in their Stronghold will be sped up for a certain time.

The Chief gets resources as an extra reward. The amount of resources depends on the League the Clan fights in and on the number of points earned by the alliance’s members.

Jarls, show your skills and military experience in the new Clans Battle and you won’t have to wait long for victory!