Vikings:War of Clans

Tower of Odin

Jarls, after the latest update, a new building has appeared in the Clan Stronghold — the Tower of Odin. Read on to find out more.

Tower of Odin

What is the Tower of Odin?

This building allows you to send reinforcements to the Stronghold and fight there against enemy troops led by jötunns and also against other Jarls.

How do I build the Tower of Odin?

To construct this building, your Clan must meet two requirements:

  • Upgrade the Stronghold to level 4
  • Have a sufficient amount of unique resources and Precious Dust (to get it, transform Legendary gems in the Workshop)

How do battles work in the Clan Stronghold?

To be able to fight within the Stronghold, the Chief or an Elder needs to activate . This status lasts for two hours. Once it has ended, it can be reactivated after 72 hours.

Send reinforcements to your Stronghold and repel the attacks of enemy troops. In battles against troops led by jötunns, you will receive Soul Shards necessary for enhancing Aesir. It’s worth mentioning that enemies won’t be able to pillage your Stronghold and carry off supplies from your Resource Storage, so you can rest easy.

Odin holds a special place among the Viking gods. During a siege, you will see ravens circling above the Stronghold — they are Odin’s companions announcing an imminent enemy attack.

Vikings, a Stronghold siege is an excellent opportunity to test your strength and show the whole Kingdom exactly what your Clan’s made of.