Vikings:War of Clans

A table of bonuses in the Events window

Jarls, your success in Vikings: War of Clans greatly depends on you developing correctly. To save yourself loads of time and resources while upgrading, you can use not only items and boosts, but also special bonuses.

Bonuses are active in the game every now and then. Some of them apply to all warriors of the North, while others are only given to Clan members for winning a global Competition. You can find these bonuses in the “Invaders, Ghosts, and bonuses” tab of the Events window. Remember to visit this tab from time to time to plan your tactics in a more efficient way.

For those who want to see the list of all possible bonuses, we’ve put together a table.

Vikings, we hope that this information will be useful to you. Add the table to your bookmarks and share it with your clanmates!