Vikings:War of Clans

Updates in the Viking world

Jarls, the recent update has made Vikings: War of Clans even more player-friendly. Now you can link your account to Plarium ID or Apple ID, increase your troop’s headcount and training limit even more effectively by using boosts, and send coordinates with additional information to the chat.

Updates in the Viking world

New boosts

Three new boosts have been added:
– 10-Minute Troop Enlargement, 460%
– 10-Minute Troop Enlargement in Onslaught, 955%
– 10-Minute Warrior Training Limit, 7300%

With these boosts, your battles will be even more epic.

Added upon players’ requests

Clans Battle

In this global Competition, we revised the categories of tasks and the number of points that are awarded for yielding resources and hunting Invaders and Ghosts. You can learn more about this in a separate article.

Plarium ID and Apple ID

If you previously conquered the vast lands of the North on or Plarium Play, now with this update you can move your game progress to a smartphone or tablet. You can find out how to do this on the forum. In addition, Apple ID linking is available for users of devices with iOS 13 and higher.


The minimum distance between Clan Strongholds has been increased to 16 tiles. Now there will be no overlap between neighboring Valleys of the Aesir. But if you constructed your Stronghold before this update was announced, these changes won’t affect you.

Item sorting

Marching Speed-up items in the “Boost the process” window and boosts are now sorted in descending order by bonus value, and then by duration.

Coordinates in the chat

When sending location coordinates to the chat, additional information will be automatically added: the Kingdom number and the location name and level. And when sending Town coordinates, the Jarl’s name and Clan tag will be added automatically.

Vikings, you decide the fate of the North! If you have suggestions about the game’s development, be sure to share them on the forum. We’re always striving to make Vikings: War of Clans better and even more fun.