Vikings:War of Clans

Update in the lands of the North

Jarls, an update has been released in Vikings: War of Clans. New mechanics have been added and we have improved some other well-known features.

Updates in the Viking world


You can now earn achievements for performing certain actions. Achievements are special awards that give various permanent bonuses. You can upgrade your achievements and use them as an honorific.

VIP levels

We have increased the maximum VIP level to 40. Economic and military bonuses are now even bigger. You can also refresh the Task list multiple times and autocomplete all Tasks instantly.

Troop Sets

A Troop Set is a template that saves the type, tier, and number of warriors you have selected. This function saves you time when sending troops on marches. You can create a new Set or edit a previously created one in the window for forming a troop.


The game rankings have been substantially reworked. Now you can find out the performance of Clans and other Jarls, as well as see your own. The performance stat is determined based on the number of victories and checkpoints passed in Competitions. Moreover, you can view rankings by number of victories in the Clans Battle and by number of enemy warriors killed.

Tier VI melee capacity

The capacity of Savages of Utgard has been increased.

Vikings, we carefully consider all your suggestions and comments – it is you who make so many improvements possible. Change the world of Vikings: War of Clans together with us and perform great deeds!