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Vikings:War of Clans

Tier VIII Viking warriors from Helheim

With the recent update, mysterious Vikings appeared in the North – warriors from Helheim. After entering the realm of the dead, they became extremely strong, tough, and fearless, but they lost their souls.

Where tier VIII warriors came from

Once, the Vikings decided to make a brave but reckless move: they descended into the dungeons of Helheim to prove their courage and fight the army of the dead. But Gloom enslaved these intrepid warriors, and they fell prisoner to the goddess Hel.

These brave Vikings remain hopeful, however, that Jarls will help them return to Midgard.

How to rescue these warriors from Helheim

Helheim endowed these Vikings with great power but took the most important thing from them – their souls.

To get the prisoners back to the world of the living, Jarls need to gather Soul Shards.

Types of warriors from Helheim

Melee troops

Draugr vikings

With their white skin, blue eyes, and armor that looks like bones, the Draugr originally arrived in the underworld as humans, but the goddess Hel changed them forever. Now even the most courageous Vikings forget their honor and drop their weapons when faced with Draugr.


Helhest vikings

Not so long ago, the Vikings believed that a Helhest was a three-legged horse from Helheim that brought disease, famine, and death. Now, that’s the name they give to brave riders who’ve managed to break free from Gloom’s captivity and return to Midgard.

Ranged troops

Aptrgangr vikings

In the world of the dead, the Aptrgangr acquired outstanding skills. Their vision became so sharp in the gloomy dungeons that they can discern enemies’ outlines even in total darkness.


Haugbui vikings

They say the goddess of Gloom herself created the Haugbui’s weapons. These killers wield heavy axes from Helheim with such ease that you’d think they were just holding two light daggers in their hands.

Siege units

Nidhogg vikings

Once these troops had appeared in the North, people in all towns began talking about great dragons that had returned to the lands of humans.

Even now, when these siege engines appear on the horizon, some Viking warriors insist that they are facing a huge, black serpent from the depths of the universe.


Valravn vikings

The Valravn acquired inhuman agility in Hel’s realm. Now, these troops can climb sheer walls like a spider and appear behind you but a moment later.

Jarls, break Gloom’s power over the warriors from Helheim!