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Vikings:War of Clans

New global Competition

Jarls, fight your recent opponent in the Kingdoms Battle: Revenge, the new global Competition that will take place from September 30 to October 1! You can have your vengeance on the enemy that snatched their victory in the Kingdoms Battle or nail down your success one more time!

The true Viking is ready to fight their enemies for honor of the home Kingdom and Clan to the last drop of blood! Now you have a great chance to have your vengeance on those who invaded your lands traitorously!

The new Competition is held with the same pairs as the classic Kingdoms Battle, and it will take place very soon. Be sure to find out what Tasks you’ll have to complete in this battle — they are a little bit different from those that you have already performed in the global Competition you are familiar with.

Only in home Kingdom:

1. Yielding resources new-global-competition
2. Attacking the Invaders.

In home and enemy Kingdoms:

1. Training warriors
2. Healing warriors
3. Resurrecting warriors
4. Completing tasks
5. Increasing Influence (constructing buildings, learning Knowledge).

Furious Jarls, crush your opponents and bravely lead your Clan to victory!