Vikings:War of Clans

How to fight in Helheim

To start playing through Helheim, you need to enter it through the Gates to Helheim that are located in your Town.

Besides the dank, empty chambers and precious Coffers of Gloom, you can also encounter dangerous fiends on your journey through the Catacombs of Helheim. You can treat this guide as your very own Helheim walkthrough! It’ll help you fight the enemies and loot the treasures you’ll find there.

Opponent types

The innumerable army of the mistress Hel consists of different manifestations of Gloom: Warriors and Creatures.

  • A Warrior of Gloom is the soul of a dishonorable Viking who was sent to Helheim for their treachery and cowardice. The goddess of death enslaved their soul, which is now just an obedient soldier.
  • A Creature of Gloom is a powerful, ancient being that has consumed many lost souls. It is much harder to vanquish than a Warrior of Gloom.

These enemies can have a similar appearance, but there’s a simple way to find out which one you’re facing. If your opponent and the background behind them is green, then this is one of the many Warriors of Gloom, but if they’re blue, then you’ve encountered a dangerous Creature of Gloom.

Hellheim and viking

Opponent strength

Foes in the Catacombs can be of different levels. The higher their level, the more health they have and the more deadly their attacks are.

The level is displayed on the bar next to the health bar. Weak Warriors of Gloom have a gray bar, Warriors with average combat proficiency have a green bar, and experienced Warriors have a blue bar. Since Creatures of Gloom are always better than Warriors in terms of their endurance and strength, their bar is always red.

How battles play out

If, when a chamber is opened in the Catacombs, the Champion encounters an opponent, they instantly engage in combat. Battles play out step by step: the participants take turns to choose zones to attack and defend. There are five of these zones in total: head, chest, arms, stomach, and legs.

When you are just starting out exploring the Catacombs, you only attack and defend one zone per turn. You can later increase this number using the Champion’s equipment bonuses.

There are two battle modes:

  • Manual – you select the attack and defense zones yourself
  • Auto battle – the zones are selected automatically and randomly

In manual mode, a certain amount of time is allotted for you to select the zones to attack and defend. If you don’t select any zones or don’t hit the “Battle” button before this time expires, the Champion will miss a turn. Your enemy won’t remain idle though and will still attack ruthlessly.

You win if your Champion reduces the enemy’s health points to zero. This will grant you some well-deserved trophies and Champion’s experience, and you can then continue exploring the Catacombs.

If the enemy proves too strong and reduces your Champion’s health points to zero, you are defeated and are removed from the Catacombs. All your previous node exploration progress is lost. This means that when you return to this node again, you will have to start from the first chamber. The locations of any chambers that were previously opened, as well as those of the enemies and Coffers that those chambers contained, will also change.

If you decide that an enemy is too powerful or if you just don’t want to fight it, you can retreat at any time. But remember: this is the same as a defeat for your Champion, in that you will be removed from the Catacombs and lose all your node exploration progress.

Jarls, Helheim is a mystical land for those who are not afraid to join in intense battles against Gloom. We hope that this guide will help you successfully pass levels and, in doing so, receive stars and military boosts for your troops in the world of the living!