Vikings:War of Clans

Celebrating the game’s birthday together!

Jarls, Vikings: War of Clans is turning five years old. Lots has happened over these past five years. Together, we’ve experienced bitter defeats and glorious triumphs, seen some amazing and unpredictable battles, and watched small alliances transform into seriously powerful Clans.

Celebrating the game's birthday together!

Over the years, the North has been constantly changing: various Competitions, items, and upgrades have appeared, new enemies and new allies have arrived… And we’re not going to stop here! The game will continue developing, and we’ll do everything we can to bring you even more incredible experiences!

In August, to celebrate this occasion, we’ll be holding giveaways with awesome prizes. Don’t miss your chance to get hold of them!

Vikings, visit our forum. There, you can not only find useful information, get to know like-minded players, and have fun, but you can also win prizes for participating in giveaways.