Vikings:War of Clans

Special Knowledge

Jarls, as we’ve often said, learning Knowledge in Vikings: War of Clans is a good way to get an advantage over your opponents. This time, we’re going to tell you about special Knowledge.

Vikings village

In the Shamans’ Residence, a special building in the Stronghold, you can learn Knowledge and get additional military and economic benefits for your whole Clan. At level 4 of the Shamans’ Residence, a new branch of special Knowledge with unique bonuses becomes available to you as well. These include:

  • An increased number of scouts in a troop
  • Increased troop defense in an Onslaught
  • Increased Aesir recovery speed
  • The ability to revive a larger number of warriors

For illustrative purposes, we’ve put together a table of special Knowledge bonuses at max. level.

Vikings, visit the Oracle and Shamans’ Residence more often to learn new Knowledge and ensure that victory will always be yours!