Vikings:War of Clans

Tips for smooth functionality

Technical difficulties that arise when playing the game can be a real pain, so we’ve prepared a small guide on how to make Vikings: War of Clans run better on your device.

Check your Internet connection

The app needs a stable Internet connection to function properly. Low speed, multiple connections through your access point, or other running programs – all of this can make it a struggle to run the game.

Check your Internet stability and speed using special websites – you can find them easily by googling “Internet speed test.”

Clear your cache

The cache is the temporary files stored on your computer or mobile device, which take up memory and can prevent Vikings: War of Clans from working correctly. To clear the cache, follow the instructions.

For browsers:
1. Go to Settings/Parameters in your browser menu.
2. Open the additional settings (a button in the lower part of the window). In the Privacy and security/Personal data sections, select “Clear history” or “Clear browsing data”. You can also simply type into the setting search bar (in the upper part of the screen) the name of the menu subsection you need.
3. Select which data should be deleted and for which period and hit “Delete data”.

For Android:
1. Go to the settings of your device.
2. Open the list of apps and select Vikings: War of Clans.
3. Hit the “Clear cache” button.

For iOS:
1. Check if your game account is synced with Facebook or Google Play/Game Center.*
2. Re-install Vikings: War of Clans.

*This is important as you can lose the access to your account otherwise. Read more about syncing here.

Check available memory

Not enough available memory can cause functionality issues. To fix this, clear the cache or delete apps you don’t need. Also, try closing the programs and browser tabs you aren’t using before launching the game.

You can find more detailed information on the proper functioning of Vikings: War of Clans on the forum. If you still have questions, please contact our Support team. To do this, hit the “Ask a question” button in the game Menu or fill out the form in the “How to play” section.

Jarls, we hope that no technical difficulties will prevent you from winning an important fight.