Vikings:War of Clans

Jarls, meet a hot set of updates in the game!

A messenger who has brought good news gets a place of honor on the Viking feast! Hurry up to learn the details and prepare for the upcoming battles!

Vikings UpdatesMore on updates:

  • Make purchases quickly and easily! **Tap and hold the “Purchase”, “Apply”, and “Buy and apply” buttons marked with green to open a window that allows you to buy and apply more than one item at a time!
  • Use the Hero’s Energy items to increase the maximum energy level up to 50,000 units!
  • Discover the updated Infirmary – now you can resurrect warriors killed in battles for their Towns but who could not be healed in the Infirmary!
  • Fight your way up the Competition rankings. Now it’s much easier to reach the top!
  • Check out the updated Statistics tab in the Palace. Now all the information is divided into four sections: Economic, Military, Hero and Influence!
  • Take a look at the new battle reports and Clansmen’s battles window. Now battle results are far more detailed!
  • Select one of nine localization languages. Turkish is now available!

Enjoy honed and streamlined gameplay thanks to general game optimization!

Vikings, dare to win! The triumph is within your grasp!