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Vikings:War of Clans

Update: Helheim, Hero’s equipment upgrades, and much more

We know that you’ve been waiting for a big update in the Vikings: War of Clans world for a long time. Finally, the day has come!

Vikings: War of Clans Helheim

The dark world of Helheim

Jarls have already fought the icy Monsters of Jotunheim, and now it’s time to test yourself in battle with a new enemy. The Gates to Helheim, the mystical and dangerous land of the dead, have opened in your Town. A unique combat experience awaits everyone who dares enter the realm of Hel. Choose your Champion and fight together in turn-based battles against creatures imbued with an ancient and dark power: Warriors and Creatures of Gloom. For exploring the Catacombs, you will receive precious trophies and military bonuses that will make your army truly deadly. You can find more detailed information about Helheim and its features in our upcoming news bulletin.

Equipment upgrades

You can now use materials to upgrade the bonuses of Legendary Hero’s equipment. Pieces of equipment that can be upgraded have a special marker in the Forge. Please note that the higher the equipment upgrade level, the lower the chance of a successful outcome. The special Helheim Fire item increases the probability of success, however. This can be found in the Catacombs and in the Helheim Store.

Powerful military boosts

Make your troops a real nightmare for enemies! The “10-Minute Troop Enlargement, 3250%”, “10-Minute Increased Offense, 100%”, and “10-Minute Increased Defense, 100%” boosts are your trump cards in any war. It’s not easy to obtain them, however, since they can be received only for certain game actions.

It’s the little things

A Clan’s Shield is its face. You can now express the essence of your military brotherhood even better by using the new Shields. We’ve also created some additional icons so you can easily navigate through lots of reports.

Hurry and explore the mysterious world of Helheim and discuss the update on our forum!