Vikings:War of Clans

The Art of War: Fortress

In Vikings: War of Clans, there are two Fortresses: the Throne of Jotunheim and the Place of Power. Capture these locations and get unique bonuses and valuable rewards! Of course, you’ll need to deal with other Jarls’ troops first.

Capturing Fortresses is the pinnacle of a warlord’s mastery. However, any Jarl can achieve it – we will now tell you everything you need to know.

Find your Place of Power

The Place of Power is the central location of each Kingdom. This Fortress can have three statuses.

  • Open – the Fortress is not occupied by anyone, or Guarded status has expired.
  • Siege – the location has been captured, the status is valid for 6 hours. During this period, the Fortress can be attacked by other Jarls. If an enemy attack is successful, the timer starts again.
  • Guarded – the troops managed to hold the Place of Power for 6 hours and capture it. Guarded status is valid for 24 hours. During this period, the Place of Power cannot be attacked. After 24 hours, Open status is set again, but the location owner remains the same until they are dislodged by enemy troops.

You can only capture the Place of Power in your home Kingdom, and only if you are a Clan member. Jarls who are not members of a Clan or who have relocated to another Kingdom during a global Competition can also attack the Fortress. However, they won’t be able to capture the location even if the battle is successful.

If a Clan withstands a Siege, its Clan Chief becomes the Konung and every 24 hours receives 20,000 Prowess Points and 10% of the Silver of all Clan Chiefs in the Kingdom. The Konung also has the power to assign Reputes to any Jarl in the Kingdom. Reputes are active for 3 hours (if the Konung is not overthrown, of course) and give positive or negative bonuses. For example, they increase the speed of building or decrease specific troop stats. One Repute can’t be given to several Jarls. After 3 hours, Reputes can be reassigned. Only the Konung and the Elders of the Clan holding the Place of Power can give Reputes. However, to do this they need to be in their home Kingdom.

Become the King

If your Palace is level 21 or higher, you can set off to the vast lands of Jotunheim. The gates to the world of eternal cold open during the Battle for the Throne legendary Competition.

In the center of the ice-covered world, the Throne of Jotunheim sits on high. You can fight for this Fortress both in the Battle for the Throne and in the Holding the Throne clan Competition (takes place at the same time as the legendary one). However, before starting the battle, join a Clan.

The time of all the attempts to hold the Throne of Jotunheim is added together. When the legendary Competition is over, the Jarl who managed to hold the Fortress for longest becomes the King of Jotunheim and gets the following rewards:

  • A choice of one piece of equipment from the King’s pack (this pack is unique, you cannot craft it in the Forge or buy it in the Bank)
  • The unique Jörmungard Town Skin and a Hero’s skin, which give significant bonuses
  • The right to select the Invader for the whole North every week for a month
  • The right to assign Titles to any six Kingdoms
  • 20 coffers of gifts that the King can give to other Jarls
  • A huge amount of resources: 10B Food, Lumber, Iron, and Stone; 8B Silver and Gold
  • Two unique icons: a Chat icon for the King and a Kingdom Map icon for their Kingdom (the icons appear for the duration of their rule)

It’s dangerous to go alone

You will succeed in capturing Fortresses if you have the support of your faithful clansmen. Together you will develop a sound strategy and send an invincible army into battle. The best way to capture a Fortress is by using joint attacks – Onslaughts. To resist enemy troops, you and your clansmen should deploy reinforcements in a Fortress. The maximum number of such troops is 50.

About every 30 seconds, Jarls who have their troops in a Fortress get a report about all the battles that have taken place there. You can find more detailed information about reports here.

Your Hero’s and Shaman’s equipment bonuses will come in handy in the fight for Fortresses. For example, Ubba’s Helmet and Scale increase troop offense, health, and defense when capturing and holding Fortresses. The Recluse’s Mask and Northern Armor have the same effect. The Shamans boast a true expert in Onslaughts and battles for Fortresses among their number – Raine the Wanderer. Summon him and leave your enemy with no chance!

You and your clansmen can also use military boosts. However, note that you get the corresponding bonuses only when an item is active.

The more experienced warriors of the North are always ready to help you on our forum. They will be glad to share the perfect strategy for capturing Fortresses. If you have the secret to success or an interesting story about attacking the Place of Power or the Throne of Jotunheim, share it with everyone!