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Vikings:War of Clans

Updates! A new range of awesome possibilities!

Mighty Jarls, prepare to greet a vast array of innovations! The North is abuzz in anticipation of the amazing possibilities! Harry to find out all the details!

More on the updates:

  • Jarls, there are some brand new warriors eager to serve in your army – the Executioner, Fanatic, Huntsman, Cutthroat, Polybolos and Faceless are awaiting your orders!
  • Get ready for new exploits – there are now new Hero’s levels and additional Skills available!
  • Don’t rest on your laurels – upgrade your Town, unlock new building levels up to 26 and get valuable rewards for upgrading! A new range
  • Learn the secrets of the wise sages by unlocking the additional Knowledge now available in the Oracle!
  • Visit the Hero’s Abode and create your first Hero Set! Save various sets of Hero’s Skills and equipment and activate them when necessary – to increase your offensive effectiveness, Hero’s energy for attacking Invaders and much, much more.
  • Use the new instant Onslaught function, which you can activate even with reduced troops!
  • Now you can easily buy resources in bulk – there are now new items in the Resources section in the Item Store that add a substantial amount of Food, Lumber, Iron, Stone and Silver to your stores!
  • Purchase the Great Relocation and Return items for a new price!
  • Check out the Chest of Loki’s improved reward system! There are even more prizes now and your chance of striking it lucky is higher!

Prepare to win great victories, Jarls, the gods of luck stand with you!