Vikings:War of Clans

The battle of the strongest continues!

Kingdoms Battle: Revenge, Clan Regulations, Gold for Hero levels, attacking Invaders outside a Clan, plunder protection and reduced Knowledge learning time!

Vikings Kingdoms BattleGet ready for a global Competition – the Kingdoms Battle: Revenge! It’s your chance to fight your latest opponent of the Kingdoms Battle on new terms! Earn points by completing tasks within home and enemy Kingdoms! The Jarls of the winning Kingdom will receive incredible rewards, such as valuable bonuses and the possibility to yield massive amounts of resources in new special locations on the Global Map!

Make your rules! Now there is a new section in the Clan Menu – Clan Regulations. Clan Chiefs can write out the Regulations as they deem fit – they will be accessible only to members of each Clan. Place all the necessary information here: requirements for higher ranks, special rules during the Competitions and more!

Learn Knowledge in the Oracle faster – the wise men reveal their secrets! Now you can upgrade the first pieces of Knowledge in practically no time at all – seize this chance to increase your might!

Jarls who are fighting for victory single-handedly, your time has come! To attack an Invader, you no longer have to be a member of a Clan. Learn the Knowledge, go into the battle and beat the enemies of the North!

Find out how much Gold you’ll get for new Hero levels! From now on, for each new Hero’s level you’ll get not only Influence and Skill Points, but also Gold!

Check out the new player protection system! Now Jarls with Palaces below level 6 are protected from resource plundering during attacks on their Towns!

Enjoy a smoother, better experience after general gameplay optimization!

Sons of Odin, build your empire by your rules – may fortune smile upon you!