Vikings:War of Clans

Battle Means Jotunheim

Are you an avid attacker with nothing else to do in your home Kingdom? Bored of waiting for the enemy’s Shield to expire? Are thoughts of glorious battles keeping you awake at night? Don’t despair – set off to Jotunheim! There are no resource locations or familiar Invaders and Ghosts. Brave Jarls from all Kingdoms come to the world of eternal ice to fight in the epic battle.

Jotunheim lives for the battle

Jotunheim is the only place where you can test your strength against Jarls from other Kingdoms without waiting to meet them in a global Competition. A true Clan war or a mass PvP (Player vs. Player) fight between two, three, or even four Kingdoms? Easy. You just need to challenge your opponent. To do this, send a personal in-game message to your rival.

Gather your clanmates or team up with other Jarls for a PvP Clan during the global Competition – and rush to Jotunheim! Take part in joint Onslaughts and set cunning traps, or just attack inattentive Jarls when they least expect it. Try, it’s fun!

Welcome to the Slaughter

A great battle brings not only moral satisfaction, but also valuable spoils. When the gates to the icy wastelands open, several unique Competitions start, including the Slaughter in Jotunheim. In this Competition, you earn points for killing enemy troops in Jotunheim. As a reward, you can get a lot of Gold (more than in ordinary Competitions) and items that are typically found only in Bank offers, like unique boosts and Shaman’s Charms. Bearing in mind that the Slaughter is both a clan Competition and a personal Competition, you can kill these two birds with one stone and get even more perks.

To arms!

You are surely a high-level hardcore Viking with decent troops and you can’t wait to start the battle. Before setting off to Jotunheim, make sure the following conditions are met:

  • Your account is older than 30 days
  • Your Palace is level 21 or higher
  • You are a Clan member

Done? Then welcome to Jotunheim. To relocate your Town to the icy world, you will need a special item – the Guide to Jotunheim. If you want to go back home, use the Guide to Midgard item. You can get both items for free after the legendary Competition is announced. They are also sold in the Item Store and the Clan Store. When setting off to Jotunheim, remember:

  • You can’t be in the Forest of Rocks with an active Shield.

Finding an enemy in the Forest of Rocks is a piece of cake. If you are not ready to attack, you’ll easily become someone’s target – and in the event of a failed defense, you’ll be relocated to a random point on the Jotunheim map. When going to the icy lands, choose a more favorable location: for example, near your clansmen or near the Jarls you are going to attack.

  • You’ll be returned to your home Kingdom if you are not active.

If a Viking who is in Jotunheim doesn’t attack, defend, participate in Onslaughts, or get points in Competitions within 8 hours – their Town is automatically relocated to their home Kingdom. Try to regularly visit the game during the Competition.

  • You are constantly under the gun.

All warriors come to Jotunheim searching for one thing – battles. Remember that here you can always be attacked by some Clan or Jarl at the moment you least expect it. Keep your eyes open and don’t forget to activate the Shield. Every moment counts in the icy world!

The gates to Jotunheim will soon be opened again with glorious victories awaiting you, Viking! Don’t forget to share your achievements on the forum.