Vikings:War of Clans

Invaders – how to fight them

How can you quickly obtain high-quality materials, increase your offense, and save time? Read all about the nuances of destroying Invaders in this article.

So many and all yours

There are 16 Invaders in Vikings: War of Clans. They can be roughly divided into eight humans and eight animals. On the Global Map, they are distributed in the following way: the weakest ones – level 1 Invaders – are located on the edges of the Map, and the most powerful – level 6 Invaders – are closer to the Place of Power.

Four different Invaders can appear simultaneously in the Viking lands:

Two of them are set by the schedule (Invader and Uber Invader)

  • One is selected by users
  • One more is chosen by the King of Jotunheim

However, if an Invader that is already scheduled to appear wins the poll, or the King of Jotunheim chooses such an Invader (or chooses none), then the enemies on the Global Map will not be so varied. The total number of enemies won’t change, so don’t worry – there will be enough enemies for the whole Kingdom.

An Invader appears on the Global Map and is ready to fight your Hero, let’s say, for a week. After it’s destroyed, the Invader’s Lair is left. For three days, you will be able to occupy the Lair, attack it if it’s occupied by an opponent, or defend from enemy attacks. When it has been fully plundered, a new Invader will appear to replace it (but not in the same location). The Invader will be the same if the notional week isn’t over yet.

The clear benefit of variety

Every Invader has its own set of five materials. There are two ways to learn what drops from which Invader: open the detailed information about an Invader by selecting it on the Global Map, or have a look at the table on our forum.

Sets of Invaders’ equipment give various bonuses, which increase the stats of your troops, Town, and Hero. For example, the Royal Guardsman’s Set will be useful for fighting Invaders more effectively. Its bonuses allow you to reduce the Hero’s energy depletion and restoration time, and to increase the power of your attacks.

Attack, attack again, finish them off

Your Hero is at the top of the food chain. They are immortal and don’t have health or defensive stats, they have only offense. As for Invaders, they don’t travel across the Map, don’t attack or deal damage to anyone, but have health and defense that increase together with the Invader’s level, making the Hero perform more hits and spend more energy to attack them.

There are two types of attack: normal and enhanced. During a normal attack, the Hero deals one hit to an Invader by spending a certain amount of energy, and receives one trophy for doing this. During an enhanced attack, the Hero deals several blows depending on the amount of energy they have, and, correspondingly, receives several trophies. For example, the Hero has 1,000 units of energy. One hit requires 200 units, so by performing an enhanced attack, the Hero will deal five hits and receive five trophies.

There are also two types of attacks with bonuses: critical and sustained. A normal or enhanced attack can become critical due to a random enhancing coefficient, letting the Hero deal more damage with the same amount of energy.

A sustained attack gives a bonus to the next attack (not hit!). The first attack on the Invader will add 15% to the second attack, the second attack will add 30% to the third attack, the third attack will add 45% to the fourth attack, and so on. You can perform a maximum of 40 attacks in a series and get +600% to offense. Every sustained attack bonus is active for one hour.

It’s important to remember:

  • When the maximum number of attacks in a series is reached, the next attacks won’t increase the bonus. You can view the number of available attacks in a series in the Hero section of the Statistics tab.
  • If the Hero attacks another Invader, the sustained attack bonus is reset.
  • If the Hero and Hero’s Double are attacking different Invaders in turn, the bonuses will also be lost.

Do some good and deal damage

There are four ways to increase the damage dealt:

  • Upgrade the power of the Hero’s attack
  • Increase the chance of critical hit
  • Reduce the Invader’s defense
  • Make more attacks in a series

The following things affect the power of an attack:

  • Hero’s Offense Knowledge
  • Hero’s Total Offense Skill
  • Increased Hero’s Offense boosts
  • Equipment: Guardsman Helmet, White Robe, White Boots, Sword of Vengeance

The chance to perform a critical attack is determined by:

  • Hero’s Critical Hit Knowledge

Invaders’ defense is reduced by:

  • Reduced Invader Defense Knowledge
  • Weaken Invaders Hero’s Skill
  • Equipment: Guardsman Helmet, Plated Gauntlet, White Boots, Sword of Vengeance

The available number of attacks in a series is increased by:

  1. Hero’s Sustained Attack Knowledge
  2. Hero’s Sustained Attack Skill

Be cheerful

The basic amount of energy is 1,000 units, and the maximum possible amount is 500,000 units.

The amount and speed of Hero’s energy restoration are increased by:

  • Peridot gem (Legendary class gives +250 units of energy)
  • Hero’s Energy Reserve Knowledge
  • Increased Hero’s Energy Skill
  • Emerald gem (Legendary class gives +3% to energy restoration speed)
  • Hero’s Energy Restoration Knowledge
  • Hero’s Energy Restoration Skill
  • Hero’s Energy Restoration boost
  • “Hero’s energy depletion reduced by 10%!” bonus in the Events window
  • Hero’s Endurance Knowledge
  • All Town Skins
  • Equipment: Canis Mask, Pack’s Claws, Canis Eye, Barbarian’s Helmet, Barbarian’s Armor, Barbarian’s Boots, Bear Coat, Beast Boots, Plated Gauntlet

It’s important to remember that using the Hero’s Energy item gives a temporary effect. This means that if you increase the basic amount of energy from 2,000 units to 100,000 units, defeat many Invaders, and exhaust your Hero to zero, their energy will restore to only 2,000 points.

The big boss awaits you

The Pict, Avarin, Longobard, or Gepid Uber Invaders can be found around the Place of Power. Each of them is a leader of four Invaders. This means that an Uber Invader is holding twenty different materials. You can take a closer look at the drop table on our forum.

Exactly 100 Uber Invaders enter a Kingdom. All of them have extreme vitality, manage without defense, and don’t have levels. This means that to attack an Uber Invader, you just need to upgrade the Unlock Invaders I Knowledge.

After an Uber Invader has been destroyed, the Uber Invader’s Lair appears in its place. It exists for three days. If it hasn’t been completely plundered at the moment of the invasion of the new wave of Uber Invaders, then it remains on the Map, and there will be one fewer new Uber Invader.

What can you get for attacking these big bosses?

  1. Invaders’ materials (standard materials don’t drop from Uber Invaders)
  2. Special gems
  3. Special items

Let’s recap

  • You can select Invaders you need by voting or by becoming the King of Jotunheim.
  • It’s more effective to defeat Invaders by receiving bonuses for a series of attacks.
  • You can collect Invaders’ materials faster by attacking Uber Invaders. It’s important to remember that there are 16 Invaders in the game and waiting for a certain Invader may take a long time.
  • It’s more beneficial to defeat Invaders and Uber Invaders when the “Hero’s energy depletion reduced by 10%!” bonus is active in the Events window.

Now you know the main nuances of fighting Invaders. It’s time to put your newly gained Knowledge into practice!