Vikings:War of Clans

Behold the update! Improved Kingdoms Battle!

Jarls, the great struggle sparks ferociousness and valor in the souls of true Vikings! Find out about the developments and prepare for war!

Storms are rolling over the Vikings’ lands! Jarls, prepare to face the enemy fearlessly!

  • For taking part in the Kingdoms Battle you get the Great Relocation and Return items! You can take them in the Kingdoms Battle window, the Info tab
  • Remember that the points scored by Jarls who joined the Clan after the Competition ad will not count towards the total Clan points
  • Take into account that the Kingdoms created less than 30 days ago cannot take part in the Global Competition, although they have access to information about the progress of the Competitions
  • Bear in mind that you cannot capture the Place of Power in an enemy Kingdom, but by attacking the location you can earn points for destroying enemy troops
  • We have added color explanations for the Towns from your Kingdom (green) and the enemy (red) in the Navigator
  • During the Competition, the Towns of players from your Kingdom on the enemy territory are highlighted in green
  • Use the new icon button of the Kingdoms Battle on the Global Map and the Kingdoms Map to quickly go to the Kingdoms Battle window
  • Jarls with the Peace Shield activated are now easily recognizable in the NavigatorImproved Kingdoms Battle!
  • In the Resources aid tab in the Market you can easily see which of your clansmen are in the other Kingdom and are unable to accept your help
  • When you are in the opponent Kingdom during the Competition, you can communicate in the enemy Kingdom chat in the Opponents tab with special color explanation of players from your and the enemy Kingdoms

Immortal warriors, your axes are the very embodiment of fury! They are calling you into battle! Let the fight begin!