Vikings:War of Clans

Updates that will make the heart skip a beat

Jarls, meet the incredible updates that will make the hearts of brave warriors skip a beat!update

  1. Take part in the new global Competition – Kingdoms Battle: Revenge – and take down the enemy Kingdom that prevailed in the first battle! Remember, if you win, you will get valuable bonuses and the possibility to yield resources in prize locations with much faster yielding speed and a bigger amount of resources!
  2. Check out the new section in the Clan Menu – Clan Regulations. From now on, Clan Chiefs will be able to place all available information on the Clan’s Rules here – the Regulations are accessible only to clansmen.
  3. Now all Jarls can attack Invaders! You no longer have to be in a Clan to face an opponent and hound them out of the sacred lands of the North.
  4. It’s easier to get a piece of the Oracle’s wisdom! Learn the first levels of Knowledge faster, and the whole world will be yours for the taking!
  5. Gold flows like a river! Find out how much Gold you will get for reaching a new Hero level!
  6. Good news for newbies! Upgrade your Town without having to worry about defense! From now on, Jarls whose Palaces are below level 6 are safe from plunder!
  7. Play your way! General game optimization allows you to immerse yourself in the Viking world without any distractions!

Leaders of the harsh North, your possibilities are truly limitless! Be the first on the path to glory and greatness!