Vikings:War of Clans

An update in the northern lands

Vikings: War of Clans has been updated. Learn all you need to know about the important gameplay changes!

An update in the northern lands

New rules for participating in global Competitions

Jarls will no longer earn points for personal and Clan achievements, nor for their Kingdom, if they:

  • Are not Clan members
  • Joined a Clan in the 30 minutes before a global Competition was announced
  • Were expelled from their Clan or left it during a global Competition

Please note: Jarls from opposing Kingdoms can still earn points by attacking other Jarls who aren’t participating in a Competition.

Prohibition on sending convoys to the Stronghold during a siege

Jarls can no longer send resources and items to the Clan Stronghold if Siege status is active there. They also cannot activate Siege status until all convoys have returned from the Stronghold.

A restriction on exiling Jarls from the Valley of the Aesir

After an opponent has been exiled from the Valley of the Aesir, the Supreme Thing’s function will be unavailable to all Clan members for a while.

Other changes

  • Towns of Chiefs whose Clans hold the Place of Power can now relocate on the Global Map without any delays.
  • If a Clan beats its opponent in the Clans Battle, but its Chief hasn’t earned any points, the Competition victory will still count.
  • The Hero’s energy no longer decreases after acquiring certain achievements.

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