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Vikings:War of Clans

What is hyper farming?

New Vikings often hear more experienced Jarls using the word “hyper farm” but don’t understand what it actually is. It’s time to find out the meaning of this term.


Hyper farming in Vikings

In Vikings: War of Clans, hyper farming means filling your Town with resource buildings that provide one type of resource. Production of this particular resource type increases substantially as a result.

You decide how to upgrade your Town as you see fit. Experienced Jarls have spent a lot of time experimenting and performing painstaking calculations to find out that scattering your energy and resources is not effective. It is much more useful to choose one area and develop it.

This is fair even for those who prefer economic development to battles. You will achieve better results if your Town produces mainly one type of resources — in other words, if you build a hyper farm.

In Vikings: War of Clans, it is extremely important to focus on both strategy and cooperation. You shouldn’t be afraid of lacking other resources while developing your hyper farm. All reputable Clans have a so-called “bank” — a Jarl to whom the Clan members send their reserves. When you need resources, just write in the Clan Chat. Your brothers- and sisters-in-arms will certainly help you out.

How to start hyperfarming

“First, you need to choose the resource you’re going to specialize in. Usually, you just need to pay attention in the chat: if your clanmates are complaining about a shortage of Lumber, you could choose that as your resource. And sometimes when you join a big Clan, they tell you right away that they need a hyper farm for Iron or another resource.

The next step is to fill your Town with the buildings that you need. You can’t do without other resource buildings completely, you will need them to upgrade your Town’s level.

Specific Knowledge, items, boosts, and many other things will make your hyper farm more productive.

Building a hyper farm isn’t really all that complicated. But, if you have any questions, you can always write to us or ask on the forum.