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Vikings:War of Clans

The Infirmary

A Viking’s life is a never-ending series of bloody battles. However, a wise ruler values each warrior. The Infirmary is a special building that is located in the administrative part of the Town. It will prevent your lands from being left empty after long-drawn-out battles. In this article, you’ll learn how in Vikings: War of Clans the Infirmary can help you heal and resurrect your troops.

About the building

When you start playing, one Infirmary is already built on the Town map. You can construct more Infirmaries as you need them.

Infirmaries’ capacity depends on their level. The higher the level, the more warriors can be healed in them. Capacity can also be increased with the help of the Infirmary Expander item and a special bonus in the Events window.

Healing and resurrection

In order to heal warriors, you’ll need to spend a certain amount of resources. The process will take some time. Pay with Gold if you don’t want to wait – the healing will be completed instantly. In Vikings: War of Clans, resurrection can only be performed for Gold.

When the injured warriors are distributed for healing, priority is given to the stronger ones. The highest tier warriors are the first to go to the Infirmary. If there is some free space left after, other Vikings are sent for healing as well.

If your troops were killed during a Town defense

The enemy is always on the alert: your Town can be attacked at the earliest opportunity. If you want to thwart the attack and save your resources from being plundered, don’t disregard the benefit of a powerful garrison.

After the battle happens in the Town, the fallen warriors go for healing, where the Infirmaries’ capacity is taken into account. The troops that are beyond the building’s capacity are distributed in the following way: 30% of them die, and 70% can be resurrected.

If your troops were killed outside the Town

In Vikings: War of Clans, your army needs to fight both in your Town and outside of it. In the latter case, 30% of the fallen warriors go to Valhalla. The remaining 70% can be resurrected in the Infirmary.

In the game, there is a special Will to Live item and Event, which allow some of the warriors killed outside the Town to be sent for healing.

Vikings: War of Clans Infirmary

A true Viking is not afraid of death. Odin chooses the strongest, and the rest are given one more chance to prove their courage in battle!