Vikings:War of Clans

The Viking Palace and stages of Town development

In Vikings: War of Clans, it’s impossible to survive and gain strength without developing your Town. By upgrading buildings, you can improve your economic and military stats, as well as get an advantage over other Jarls.

The Viking Palace plays a crucial role in Town development: your capabilities in the game depend on its level.

We have prepared an article of hints so that you can find an easier strategy for upgrading your Town.

Stages of Town development

Palace levels 1–5

• The resources in your Town are safe. Other Jarls can attack you, but they cannot plunder your resources.

Palace level 5

• You can build the Market, using which you can send convoys of resources to your clanmates’ Towns and the Clan Stronghold.

Palace level 6

• Other Jarls can attack your Town and take resources from it, so always stay on guard. The Vault protects a portion of your Food, Lumber, Iron, and Stone supplies. The amount of resources being protected is indicated in the building’s info.
• You can build the Mead Hall and the War Bloc.
• You cannot use the Novice’s Relocation item anymore. Remember: this item also becomes unavailable 14 days after you start the game.

Palace level 12

• You can build the Hall of Mysteries and summon Shamans.
• You can build the Valkyries’ Citadel.

Palace level 18

• You can build the Sanctuary of the Aesir and summon Aesir.
• You can now get the Manuscript and Bronze items for completing Personal Tasks of Unusual type and above. You need Manuscripts to learn certain types of Knowledge, and you need Bronze for upgrading buildings.

Level 21 buildings

• The Vault now protects Silver from being plundered.
• In the Workshop, you can fuse gems to get Legendary class gems.
• The Market reduces the rate for sending resources to 8% and increases convoy speed by 100%.
• The Watchtower gives an additional bonus to Town defense.
• You can permanently move to another Kingdom using the Drakkar item.

Hero’s Abode levels 21, 26, and 31–35

• You get various additional Hero’s Skill points depending on the Hero’s Abode level:
– Twenty additional points at levels 21, 26, and 31
– Five additional points at levels 32–34
– Ten additional points at level 35

Palace level 27

• You need Bronze to upgrade all your buildings except for the War Bloc.

Palace level 32

• You need Silver and Gold Nuggets to upgrade all your buildings except for the War Bloc.

Level 32–35 buildings

• Each Farm gives bonuses to your Infirmaries’ capacity.
• Each Lumber Mill gives bonuses to your troops’ offense.
• Each Mine gives bonuses to your troops’ health.
• Each Stone Quarry gives bonuses to your troops’ defense.

We hope that it will now be easier for you to decide where to direct your efforts and what to focus your attention on. See you in the fierce world of the Vikings!