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Vikings:War of Clans

Spiritual Shamans and Shameful Ghosts

An upgraded Shaman is very important for increasing your Influence. Shamans not only grant you bonuses to various Town and troop stats, but they are also essential on marches for invaluable runes. Shamans can also lead your troop in Onslaughts.

How to summon and enhance

All Shamans are summoned once and for all in the Hall of Mysteries. To do that, you need the required number of Charms. Each Shaman has their own Charms.

The Charms of Baggi the Big can be found in the Clan Store and in holiday Invaders’ Treasures. The Charms of other Shamans can be found in holiday Invaders’ Treasures, Coffers of Jotunheim Monsters, or purchased in Bank offers. There are also special Ghost Hunt Competitions for each Shaman, where Charms are given for passing checkpoints.

Charms are also required to increase the Initiation stage of a Shaman and unlock 10 new levels. There are a total of 6 stages and, correspondingly, 60 Shaman levels.


9 Shamans with various specialties are now available.

  • Baggi the Big‘s bonuses are aimed at economic processes in the Town – building and resource production.
  • Inga the Wise‘s bonuses reduce the Knowledge learning cost, and increase the warrior training speed and limit.
  • Ulf the Brave‘s bonuses are designed for melee – increasing offense, defense, health, and reducing the melee training cost.
  • Wendla-of-Shadow‘s bonuses improve scout stats and reduce their training cost.
  • Einar the Free‘s bonuses increase siege troop stats and reduce their creation cost.
  • Stieg the Sharp‘s bonuses increase the power of ranged warriors and reduce their training cost.
  • Elsa the Nomad‘s bonuses are useful for cavalry – they increase offense, defense, health, and reduce the cavalry training cost.
  • Sibba the Bloody‘s bonuses improve killer stats and reduce their training cost.
  • Raine the Wanderer‘s bonuses will be useful during battles for Fortresses – they increase troop offense when capturing and defending Fortresses, as well as the number of warriors and their offense in Onslaughts.

It’s important to remember that bonuses are effective only if a Shaman is active, and the bonus value increases together with a Shaman’s level.

Skills and equipment

For every level, you receive Skill points that you need to distribute throughout the Shaman’s development tree. On level 60, a Shaman collects enough points to unlock all Skills. If necessary, points can be redistributed by applying the Rebirth item. It can be purchased in the Item Store and in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points.

Unlike slots for Hero’s equipment that are available by default, slots for Shaman’s equipment are unlocked with the help of the same Skill points.

To craft equipment for a Shaman, you’ll need Hero’s equipment (standard and Invaders’ equipment) or other Shamans’ equipment. You can craft equipment of any level in the Forge, but to put it on, the Shaman must be upgraded to the corresponding level. Shaman’s equipment, as well as Hero’s equipment, can be inlaid with gems and runes to get various bonuses. Once you have collected a set of Legendary equipment, you’ll be able to inlay 18 gems and 6 runes into it. Find out about the bonuses of Legendary runes on the forum.

By the way, if you reset Skills, the equipment slots will be locked again, while pieces of equipment will be moved to the Stock in the Forge and their bonuses won’t be active.

Marches and battles

Like your Hero, you can send your Shaman with your troops on an Onslaught. Moreover, only a Shaman can fight special enemies – Ghosts, which requires power. The default power reserve of a Shaman you’ve just summoned is 1,000 units. This value can be increased by improving the Shaman’s Skills, learning Knowledge in the Oracle, activating a Town Skin, and placing your Town in the Valley of the Aesir. To temporarily increase the reserve, use the Shaman’s Power item. The maximum available power reserve is 500,000 units. Remember that power restoration only takes place for an activated Shaman.

Translucent, but still enemies

What makes Ghosts especially useful? Their unique drop – rune fragments. The number of fragments that will drop depends on the Ghost’s level. Fragments don’t have quality, and you can fuse them into a complete rune in the Rune Workshop. There, you can also fuse the runes you already have and improve their quality. By default, the available class of a fused rune is Simple. To fuse runes of a higher quality, you need to learn the appropriate Knowledge in the Shamans tree. Runes give you substantial bonuses and can be inlaid only in Legendary equipment.

Ghosts are placed on the Global Map by the same logic as Invaders: the further from the Place of Power, the lower their level, and defense and health stats. There are a total of 9 Ghosts in the North, but there can be no more than 2 types at the same time on the Global Map. Every Ghost has their own drop set.

Attacking the Moon Wolf gives you the following rune fragments:

  • Battle Cry (melee offense)
  • Prosperity (building speed, Food production)
  • Growth (Silver, Lumber, and Stone production)
  • Supremacy (Food and Iron production, resource yielding speed)

The Twilight Fox will add these rune fragments to your cache:

  • Storm (ranged offense)
  • Wisdom (Knowledge learning speed, Silver production)
  • Valor (total troop defense, Lumber production, warrior capacity)
  • Stamina (training speed, total health, Stone production)

The Rock Boar has the following rune fragments up its sleeve:

  • Suppression (cavalry offense)
  • Nature’s Power (Lumber and Stone production)
  • Vengeance (melee offense, cavalry and scout health)
  • Advantage (training speed and resource yielding speed, siege defense)

The Abyss Guard will unwillingly share the following rune fragments with a Shaman:

  • Night Veil (scout offense)
  • Tirelessness (training speed, warrior capacity)
  • Invincibility (melee, ranged, and siege defense)
  • Iron Will (cavalry offense, killer health, scout defense)

For attacking the Jotunheim Ursus, you will get the following rune fragments:

  • Intimidation (killer offense)
  • Master’s Way (Iron production and resource yielding speed)
  • Appeal to Gods (total health and cavalry health, ranged offense)
  • Cognition (Knowledge learning speed and resource yielding speed, warrior capacity)

You can obtain the following rune fragments from Wayland’s Bride:

  • Heaven’s Fury (siege offense)
  • Stone Skin (cavalry and killer defense)
  • Predominance (Silver and Iron production, resource yielding speed)
  • Ancient Might (ranged and killer health, warrior capacity)

Send your Shaman to the Helheim Warrior to obtain these rune fragments:

  • Majesty (building speed)
  • Havoc (resource yielding speed, siege defense)
  • Blood’s Gift (troop health capturing Fortresses, cavalry defense, building speed)
  • Steel Vortex (troop offense guarding Fortresses, melee defense, warrior healing speed)

The Plague Raven will have to share the following rune fragments with you:

  • Sagacity (Knowledge learning speed)
  • Revival (Infirmary capacity, melee offense)
  • Ravage (troop offense capturing Fortresses, ranged defense, Knowledge learning speed)
  • Hunter’s Gut (troop defense capturing Fortresses, killer defense, Lumber production)

Fighting the Marsh Nixa will bring you these rune fragments:

  • Brotherhood (training speed)
  • Lightning (scout defense, ranged offense)
  • Beast Shell (troop defense guarding Fortresses, scout defense, training speed)
  • Courage (troop health guarding Fortresses, siege defense, Food production)

You can view the full drop table on our forum. Also remember that during Competitions you receive more points for attacking Ghosts than for Invaders.

So, if you take a smart approach to summoning a Shaman, they will offer substantial support both in battle and Town development. Skills, equipment with bonuses, additional slots for inlaying, rune fragments, and much more will allow you to enhance your strengths and shore up your weaknesses like a shrewd strategist. Choose a Shaman for your needs and systematically climb to the peak of mightiness.