Vikings:War of Clans

How to get resources

Use resources to upgrade your Town, create your army, and much more. There are five types of main resources in total: Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron, and Silver.

Resource location

You can replenish your resource reserves in several ways.

1. Produce resources in special buildings in the Town: at the Farm, Lumber Mill, Stone Quarry, Mine, and Manor. The number and level of these buildings affect resource production output.

In your Town, you can build resource buildings of all types, or of only one type. In Vikings: War of Clans, many Jarls have mono resources – Towns where only one type of resource is produced. This strategy is very effective: it allows you to exchange resources with your clanmates, as well as send them to the Clan Chief for constructing the Stronghold (read more about it in the article).

Remember: you can increase production speed with the help of Knowledge in the Oracle, Skills, boosts, Hero’s/Shamans’ equipment (especially if it is inlaid with the relevant gems and runes), and in other ways.

2. Yield resources in resource locations on the Global Map, Invader and Uber Invader Lairs, and Ghost Shelters. A marker above the location displays the location level – the higher the level, the more resources it contains, and the higher the yielding speed. You can read more about resource locations in the “”Global Map in Vikings: War of Clans”” article.

3. Receive resources from your clanmates in convoys. In a tight-knit Clan, everybody has a stake in each Jarl’s development. Ask your comrades-in-arms for support, and they will send you the resources you need.

4. Plunder other Towns. Naturally, Jarls fervently guard their domains against raids, but sometimes they slip up. Be ready to strike: an opportune attack or Onslaught can bring you extra resources.

5. Complete Quests and Tasks. You can view detailed information about the rewards in the Quest or Task window.

6. Purchase resources in the Item Store for Gold (as separate items) or as part of Coffers.

Please note: there is one more special type of resource – Gold. Unlike the main resources (Food, Lumber, Iron, Stone, and Silver), Gold cannot be produced in resource buildings, sent to clanmates in convoys, or yielded by plundering Jarls’ Towns.

Of course, this article doesn’t list all ways you can get resources in Vikings: War of Clans, but if you recently started down the path of the warrior, this information will be useful to you.

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