Vikings:War of Clans

Guthrum’s Set: the power of your ranged troops

You probably know that ancient Vikings were famous for their unrivaled close combat skills. But that wasn’t the only fighting style that the northern seafarers mastered. They quickly understood that bows and arrows are good for more than just hunting. Skilled archers could fire about twelve arrows a minute. This allowed the Vikings to reduce their enemy’s ranks while still on their own ship’s deck and spread panic even in fortified coastal settlements.

Vikings: War of Clans troops archers

Thus, having a variety of unit types in a battle troop became an obligatory rule for winning a quick victory and wealth of trophies.

In this post, we’ll be talking a bit more about special equipment. As you might have guessed, this time we’ll be discussing Guthrum’s Set, which improves your ranged troops’ stats and increases march speed. The factfile indicates which materials are required to craft the Set and which foes you need to attack in order to receive them.

Save this factfile so that you know which Invaders need to meet your sharp axe!